Kanban for 
IT Operations

The Problem

Due to excessive demands on their time, IT Operations teams take on more work than they have capacity to do.

Why This Matters

This causes long lead times for products and services, resulting in unhappy customers. IT contributes to revenue concerns, causes bad reputations, and makes people in IT Operations high-risk candidates for burnout.

The Solution

IT Operations teams need to counterbalance demand and capacity. Kanban helps manage workflow, reduces tension across teams, and leads to happier customers.

Read to Learn:

  • What's "broken" in IT Operations
  • The benefits of using Kanban for IT Operations work
  • The relationships between Kanban, Lean, DevOps and ITIL®
  • How to incorporate the four major tenets of Kanban into IT Operations work
  • How to transition to Kanban from traditional IT service management models


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